once there was an email...


It was free from viruses, like colds and flu and so on, and I don't believe it would ever hurt or damage your computer.

But it was a secret email. A very secret email.

What it said was so secret that grown-ups used the letters C, O, N, F, I, D, E, N, T, I, A and L when they spoke of it. No one, except the people to whom the email was sent, was meant to see it, or use the C, O, N, F, I, D, E, N, T, I, A and L information in it.

In fact it was exactly like the email you just got.

So if you’re not the person or people that email was sent to, because I’m a grown-up, and know what C, O, N, F, I, D, E, N, T, I, A and L means when the letters are in that order, I’m here to tell you that anything you do with or because you’ve seen it, including telling anyone else about it, is not allowed. In fact, it may even be I, L, L, E, G, A and L.

Which is a Bad Thing.

So please be good, and unless you have my express permission, don't share, copy, edit, forward or publish it or do what it says in any way, and we’ll all live happily ever after.

The End.

SO What's your story?